Metal Production, Energy, Recycling and by-products

At CRM Group, a team of experts is operating an unparalleled array of equipment to develop advanced processes that cover the whole liquid metal production chain, from raw materials to refined liquid metal, ready for casting. This field also covers the recycling of industrial by-products and the valorisation of external secondary materials (with a special focus on metal and energy-containing materials)

Process developments and optimisations in this field notably focus on reducing the environmental footprint of the various process steps in terms of resource preservation, minimisation of energy consumption and drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Many technologies are available to process raw & recycled materials at CRM group.

The figure below illustrates the many paths in which unit operations at lab and pilot scale can be sequenced to simulate complete industrial processes.

Granular raw materials cover a wide range of materials, from lumpy to dusty, including ores, solid fuels, scales, swarfs, dusts, shredded residues, dewatered sludges, etc. Cold unit operations mainly include conditioning (on raw materials or solid products), agglomeration, processing in slurry and liquid/solid separation. Hot unit operations include thermal processing, processing in fluidised beds and (s)melting. These operations often generate fumes or gases loaded with dust. Both can be sampled and characterised to contribute assessing process performances.

Many technologies available to process raw & recycled materials