Processing in fluidised beds

Raw materials with suitable size analysis can be processed in fluidised bed (FB) processes. Fluidisation caracteristics can be assessed in our test rig, then processing can be performed in various conditions (circulation, temperature, pressure, gaseous atmosphere, etc) using bubbling, circulating or interconnected fluidised beds. The gas (and dust) produced is captured and caracterised to fully assess the energetic and envitronmental performances of the process.

Potential applications

  • Development & optimisation of high-temperature FB and CFB processes (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, reduction, etc)
  • Pyrolysis of fine-grained energy-containing by-products, residues and wastes:
    • fluff and plastic-containing mixed materials, oily residues, etc
  • Gasification of fine-grained coal, biomass and various C-containing materials
  • Production of syngas (CO, H2, CH4, etc)
  • Development of gas treatment processes (CO2 capture, gas conversion, adsorption, etc)
  • Measurement of gaseous emissions and development of abatement techniques (SOx, NOx, dioxins, etc)
  • Combustion and co-combustion tests of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels (including slurries)
    • coal mine residues (coal slimes), meat and bone meal, compacted plastic shreds (light fraction of municipal waste), etc
  • Various cycling solid processes (e.g. chemical looping combustion)



Fluidisation test rig