Thermal processing

Thermal processing of raw or pre-agglomerated materials can be performed in various conditions (mechanical, temperature, pressure, gaseous atmosphere, etc) using many furnace technologies: fixed bed, rotary kiln, RHF, MHF or grid sintering. The gas (and dust) produced is captured and caracterised to fully assess the energetic and envitronmental performances of the process.

Potential applications

  • High-temperature processing of by-products and ores (reduction of metallic oxides)
  • Pyrolysis or combustion of energy-containing by-products, residues and wastes:
    sewage plant sludge, urban waste, fluff and plastic-containing mixed materials, tyres, oily residues, etc
  • Torrefaction, carbonisation of lumpy biomass
  • Gasification of coal, biomass and various C-containing materials
  • Production of syngas (CO, H2, CH4, etc)
  • Activation of carbon
  • Various conversion processes
  • Testing of raw materials: reactivity and thermo-conversion yields

RHF (Rotary Hearth Furnace)

MHF (Multiple Hearth Furnace)

Rotary kiln

Sinter plant

Shaft furnace / fixed bed