High quality powder coating for production-like pre-coating lines (HIPOLIN)


From 2015 to 2017, the SIMOPOLI project demonstrated that it was possible to integrate the fluidized bed technology on a pre-industrial line (CASTL pilot line) and to use it in an appropriate way. This technology allows the application of powder paint coatings on metallic coils according to a roll-to-roll process. Comparing to the current technology, the advantages of the fluidized bed technology are its compactness, its high flexibility and its efficiency.

However, despite good results in terms of powder application time and powder coating properties, there are still challenges to be overcome. In some not reproducible cases, the visual appearance is insufficient due to unsteady stripes in the coated surface. Moreover, the roll-to-roll process requires long work periods without intermediate stops.

In order to solve these different challenges, a new project called HIPOLIN was therefore launched. HIPOLIN project aims to the optimization of fluidized bed process for continuous powder paint application.

This new project is divided in 3 different parts:

- The first part is dedicated to the optimization of the fluidized bed technology. The idea is to improve the powder paint deposition by the implementation of modular air flow or the implementation of modular high tension in order to solve the issues of visual aspect and powder paint thickness homogeneity.



The study of a continuous powder injection system into the fluidized bed will be also studied in this first part.

- The second part is dedicated to the optimization of paint curing conditions and paint cooling. This step will be realized by the study of other curing methods (induction…) compared to the current Infrared curing method. The question of the strip pre-heating will be also studied.


- Finally, the third part of this project is dedicated to the support for possible fluidized bed technology end users. This support consists in discussions with end users to know their exact needs and consists to the guidance of these end users for the implementation of the fluidized bed technology on their own installations.