CRM Group integrates CEWAC

On 1st of July 2017, CRM Group integrates CEWAC.

CEWAC stands for Center of Expertise in Water, Assembly and Control.

CEWAC was created in 1989 and is a centre devoted to services, studies, innovation and applied R&D in the fields of advanced welding, assembly controls and industrial and environmental hydraulics.  It is particularly active in supporting regional SMEs.  Its current fields of activities, competencies and equipment make it an ideal complement to create, with CRM, a stronger R&D offer and a brighter future.   

CEWAC is located nearby CRM Group Liège, in the Science Park, rue du bois St-Jean 8, B-4102 Ougrée.

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Annual Report - 2016

The annual report 2016 is online, click here

3d printen in metaal

Op  9 mei nam CRM Group deel aan de info-avond rond 3d printen in metaal georganiseerd door Flam3D. Flam 3D is een onafhankelijk platform voor 3D printing in Vlaanderen.

Het doel was de deelnemers te informeren over het aanbod in Vlaanderen, en de mogelijkheden en hinderpalen. Griet Lannoo presenteerde aan een 60-tal deelnemers de visie, activiteiten en het aanbod van CRM in het domein van 3d printen van metaal.

Meer info over flam3D en andere presentatie :


The new MPC website is on-line

Thanks to the joint venture between OCAS and CRM Group, you have easy access to the skilled staff of both partners and a full-service commitment to and partnership with your research, production or process team.

Link to MPC Website

Opleidingsreeks : MRCluster-cursus Metalen

Coller les surfaces

Paint Supplier Innovation Awards

For the second time, 2 persons of CRM Group, Organic Coating departement, participate as jury members to the PSIA. This event is organised by ArcelorMittal European Platform and Global R&D.

PSIA aims to boost new ideas for product and process development among ArcelorMittal paint and surface treatment suppliers.

The jury selected the most attractive, innovative and efficient proposals on 3 categories : Aesthetics - Functionalities & Performance - Sustainable Development

Silicon Valley : alternatives au chrome hexavalent

EVA PLEX, a new anti-corrosion steel process

Our consortium won the bid

The RawMatTERS consortium of which CRM is core partner with 120 other european partners has been selected by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) to constitute a "Knowledge and Innovation Community" (KIC) on Raw Materials including several thematics as exploration, mining, RM use in process & manufacturing industry, recycling, but also substitution of critical raw materials.

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