EcoTechnoPole (ETP) is one technological platform of the CRM Group, active in the Energy Transition and the Circular Economy through, amongst others, the development of alternative fuels from biomass and waste, the recycling of household or industrial by-products and the optimization of industrial processes.

These unique pilot facilities cover a wide range of processes and allow various thermo-chemical treatments, pressurized or atmospheric, at large scale; fixed or moving bed batch reactors, multiple hearth furnace, rotary kiln, fluidized beds.

Since 2014, when #EcoTechnoPole (ETP) integrated the #CRMGroup, the R&D activity has doubled in terms of budget and projects portfolio. Collaborations with renowned private industrial companies have been launched for dedicated researches, technical supports and pilot trials. The platform includes now 6 pilot facilities run by a team of almost 8 full time equivalents (engineers and technicians).

In 2019, 15 types of raw materials and by-products underwent investigation, 80 trials were undertaken on our pilot facilities with a cumulative running time reaching 2000 hours.

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