CRM Members

The CRM Group is supported by more than 40 industrial members: two major international steel groups (ArcelorMittal and Tata Steel), our Core Members, and numerous Associated Members: ferrous and non-ferrous metal producers, companies providing the metal industry with raw materials, equipment, fluids or services and companies transforming or using metallic products (adherent members are also steel producers: aperam, NLMK,...).

Why become a member

By becoming Associated Member of CRM, industrial partners gain:

  • Access to our teams of technological experts and to our high-tech R&D&I labs with advanced prototyping capabilities, at preferential rates and with priority over Non-Members and shorter réalisation times
  • Access to our General Assembly
  • Access Access to our library service:
    • Free Access to our periodic reviews of technical publications and patents in the metallurgical industry
    • Free access for your minor requests (borrowing books, ad hoc searching articles)
    • Exclusive access for your major requests (bibliographic search, technological watch)
  • Access to our network of industrial and academic partners
  • Support to optimise the financing of common projects, to make the best use of Belgian and EU public funds

CRM is Certified ISO 9001 for the "Industrial research and associated activities such as testing, calibration and expertise”, with a particular ISO 17025 certification for chemical analysis and specific characterisation and calibration services.

The IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) conditions of Services are strictly regulated according to our Rules of Internal Order (RIO) that can be supplemented by specific agreements.


How to become an Associated Member of CRM Group ?

  • Application form can be provided on request; It needs to be completed and filed to our direction by March
  • Approval by our Board and by our General Assembly (April)
  • Payment of annual fees

Our members