Welcome to CEWAC customers

CEWAC stands for Center of Expertise in Water, Assembly and Control.
CEWAC was created in 1989 and has been established as a centre devoted to services, studies, innovation and applied R&D in the fields of advanced welding, assembly controls and industrial and environmental hydraulics.  It was (and still is) particularly active in supporting regional SMEs.

CRM Group integrated CEWAC on the 1st of July 2017.

From the R&D perspective, the competencies and equipment of CEWAC have been integrated inside a new operational unit of CRM nicknamed “IDEAS”, which stands for Innovative Designs & Assembly Solutions and which is now strongly involved in the field of hybrid & additive manufacturing.

Regarding technical services to support external customers, including regional companies and CRM members, the former departments and competencies of CEWAC have also been integrated in the large array of services that CRM Group is able to provide.

Most CEWAC services can be directly accessed using the following links: