Some years ago, CRM Group developed a new route for the substitution of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in the passivation of galvanised steel. This novel approach is based on a hydrid organic-inorganic coating concept, which combines intimately nanosilica and polymers in a water based formulation.  Its chemistry not only favours outstanding performances but also ensures an immune product for its users.

In 2016, this innovative treatment was successfully implemented at the industrial scale on galvanised steel on a roll-to-roll line and has been demonstrated to fulfil all the expected properties and customer satisfaction.

For painted applications, Silicalloy also favours adhesion: thanks to its organic functionalities, chemical links can assure good anchorage to most conventional paints on the metallic surface.

Silicalloy has been licensed to the De Leuze company for commercialisation.