Logo Tempcore

The TEMPCORE™ process is a quench and self-tempering process invented and developed by CRM Group for the manufacturing of high quality concrete reinforced bars (a.k.a rebars).

CRM Group is the owner of the TEMPCORE™ brand name all over the world. This trademark can thus only be used after agreement and proper licensing from CRM Group.

CRM Group has celebrated in 2018 the 100th industrial implementation of the TEMPCORE™ process. To date, the engineering department of CRM Group has designed and commissioned 68 high performance TEMPCORE™ plants worldwide. Beyond that, 32 mills in India have received the TEMPCORE™ agreement after a detailed technical audit of their operation and products.

List of TEMPCORE™ plants designed, engineered and commissioned by CRM Group worldwide (with the right to use the TEMPCORE™ brand name for their QST products)

List of plants authorised to use the TEMPCORE™ brand name for their QST products in India