CRM Group participates to Green Steel for Europe project


Part of the Clean Steel PPP, “Green Steel for Europe” supports the EU towards achieving the 2030 climate and energy targets and the 2050 long-term strategy for a climate neutral Europe, with effective solutions for clean steelmaking. The project consortium, made up of 10 partners, relies on the best mix of skills and expertise and allows for full coverage of the EU Member States and steelmaking installations. In addition, the Consortium rely on two stakeholder groups that will be regularly consulted to improve the quality of the project deliverables and increase ownership of the project findings: (i) a Steering Committee composed of representatives of the EU steel industry and independent academic experts and (ii) an Advisory Board including representatives from stakeholders that may be impacted by the project findings, including policymakers, sectoral associations (e.g. energy-intensive sectors, energy sector, etc.), technology providers, trade unions, consumer protection bodies, NGOs and representatives of the civil society.

green steel project

The project aims to develop a technology roadmap and define mid- and long-term pathways for the decarbonisation of the steel industry; analyse funding options; assess the economic, social, environmental and industrial leadership impacts of EU policy options; and ensure the dissemination of results and stakeholder engagement.

Through its innovative approach consisting of the combined assessment of promising technologies, industrial transformation scenarios, and policy options and impacts, Green Steel for Europe will effectively contribute to the sustainable decarbonisation of the steel industry. Ultimately, the project will help position the EU as a leading provider of low-carbon products, services and advanced technologies in steelmaking, and support the green transition and fight against climate change on a global scale.


This project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement NUMBER 882151 — GREENSTEEL

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