Design of dedicated tests in extreme conditions

Custom-made tests can be conceived, engineered and performed at CRM group. Examples of our past realisations include:

  • Pressure test on a tank dedicated to burying nuclear waste
  • Fatigue testing, hydraulic characterization, drop tests on a perfusion device (medical use)
  • Fire tests on pyro-jackets
  • Characterization and cryogenic testing on heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic fatigue testing
  • Characterization and hydropneumatic cycling on hydraulic accumulators
  • Sustain pressure test and/or burst test on metallic devices (tubes, exchangers, gas filters…) and plastic vessels (tanks)
  • Helium leak test and pressure test on force sensors
  • Rubber or plastics-coated fabrics: low temperature tests, impact test on loop (EN 1876-2)