Product metallurgy

In the field of Metal Processing, CRM Group provides its industrial members and clients with answers in terms of R&D and technology, focussing on holistic development of process and product

A key aspect is a team with a high level of complementary skills in the fields of:

  • Casting & solidification
  • Product development: relationship between chemistry, production parameters and microstructure & properties
  • Rolling technology (hot & cold rolling)
  • Thermal treatment and in-line water cooling treatments


An optimal tuning of chemical composition & processing parameters to achieve the required propertiesis achieved through:

  • In-house developed thermo-mechanical models and well equipped laboratory simulators
  • Simulation of the whole metal production chain from casting over rolling & annealing until final product
  • Understanding & mastering of the metallurgical phenomena occurring during metal processing
  • Microstructure – property relationships
  • Synergy between product & process aspects with specialisation in fast water cooling to increase properties and to reduce alloying cost
  • Characterisation of microstructure & properties


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