Radiographic testing

Radiographic Testing is a non-destructive testing method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws, by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials.

Either an X-ray generator or a radioactive source can be used as a source of photons. The conventional result is a two-dimensional projection of the part onto a film (or a digital cassette) showing varying optical densities according to the amount of radiation reaching each area, or radiography.

The detection of very small defects is possible with a specific micro-focus tube available at CRM Group which allows radiographic testing over the entire 360° circumference of pipes.

CRM Group is also equipped with a digital radiography cabin that allows direct radiographic observation of parts with a maximum diameter of 600 mm, a maximum height of 900 mm and a thickness between 5 and 25 mm.

Moreover, CRM Group is able to realise tomography studies (3D reconstruction of parts).

Application fields: cast parts, forged parts, welded parts and pipes, high definition radiography, archaeology, works of art, etc.

Radiographic testing