Installation of a database and of data mining tools for research in steelmaking

CRM Sart-Tilman

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The field of metallurgy uses many types of fines as input material. It ranges from fine ores coming from the mines to recycled wastes such as fine filter dusts.

But these fines are not ready to be processed as such, an agglomeration step is required. Indeed, the agglomeration of fines allows:

  • To make them easier to store, transport and manipulate.
  • To maximize the use of fines in furnaces and reactors (without agglomeration the fine would just fly away in the exhausts systems)
  • To minimize the environmental impact linked to the take-off of these fine particles in the atmosphere.

The agglomeration of fines is therefore a critical step for the industrial process. Different agglomeration techniques exists : pelletizing, briquetting, extrusion, … and they all have in common to be complex techniques for which there are many parameters influencing the final results (moisture, particle size distribution, chemistry, agglomeration technique, operational parameters of each technique, …)

Until now, a large number of researches have been performed on these topics for the field of metal production.

Today, it is relevant to apply modern and intelligent techniques of data analysis on the huge corpus of available results to extract a maximum of information.

CRM Group wishes to propose an internship in relation with this topic within the team of researchers and technicians of the “Recycling” department. The topic can be adjusted according to the specific qualifications of the intern.


Objectives of the internship

The objective of the work is the installation of a database and of data mining tools. The intern will take in charge the following tasks.

  • General familiarization with the technical topic to be treated (i.e. industrial agglomeration)
  • Creation of a database structure (discussion with the team, architecture proposition, …)
  • Database creation (Acces from Office available)
  • Feeding the database with existing information
  • Exploitation of the data with data mining tools that are yet to be defined (Statistica, R, …)


About the candidate

Student in data science and big data analysis

Languages: English or French


Location of the internship

Company: CRM Group

Location : Liège, Belgium