World of Hydrogen


In renewable energy applications metal based solutions play an important innovative role. The impact of metals in the production, use and storage of hydrogen and its interaction with metals for both stationary and mobility applications is huge. To put the Energy Shift into practice the understanding of the interaction between metals and hydrogen will play a critical role. At CRM Group we are in an excellent position to approach this challenge as well from the substrate and the surface point-of-view. Since interface management is eminent to either improve hydrogen production efficiency, to limit interaction and sustain the durability of all components in contact with hydrogen understanding the concepts from different angles is key.

Next to that the increased potential use of green hydrogen as replacement for other natural energy sources to produce metals and steel, is a key priority for our clients working in energy intensive sectors. Thanks to the relaunch plan we will be accompanying many of them in different sectors to make this emerging shift happen.

Electrochemical functionalisation and coating
Green Hydrogen @CRMGroup


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