Smart Energy


Our Energy Shift platform wants to unlock a set of tools to support the shift to greener energy and lower impact of the industry, not only for metals. Of course it starts with the development of solutions for renewable electricity in parallel with the new technologies emerging around hydrogen. CRM Group is developing both the metals and coatings that are ready for this Energy Shift as it is one of the main current challenges in metal research. For example a combination of a physical vapour deposited coating and a sol gel coating was developed as the optimal solution for fuel cell metal bipolar plates that can be hydroformed and show excellent durability. They will be the basis for the next generation of batteries, fuel cells and solar absorbers.

Regarding solar power, the new concentration towers, could not be build without the right material competences available in our multidisciplinary teams. Finally the development of smart grids that connect the different production and consumption elements in the network are crucial to efficiently use and store all produced energy.

Low interfacial resistance protection coating for metallic electrode in fuel cells


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