Metal transformation


Our main experience is strongly associated to the optimization of metal processing solutions. However these days the innovation drivers are shifting towards reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the metal industry. Hence our traditional R&D is more and more associated to our Energy Shift platform.

Our triangular approach on as well process, product as application allows us to optimize metal production technologies, yielding improved product quality and longer process campaigns improving the sustainability of the metal transformation process and the quality of the product.

We deal with processes from liquid metal state all the way to final shape as we have pilot simulation tools for casting, reheating, descaling, rolling, pickling and annealing. The integration of different actuators like lubrication, work roll and scale behaviour influencing both process and product make our holistic and sometimes pragmatic approach very complete.

Revolutionary sensors for surface inspection and temperature control combined with the latest industry 4.0 developments like ISYROLLTM support metal production processes on the level of safety, maintenance and production stability. It makes the link between our former sensor development and our Digitalisation platform complete.

Metal Process Technologies 🎬



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