Metal Assembly


In our day-to-day life we are constantly confronted with the challenge of joining materials. Materials that were developed and created by a specific driving force need to be assembled to actual objects that we can use, that can protect us and help us in performing all kinds of jobs and actions.

Our Metal Assembly team is a the forefront of existing and new assembling techniques, constantly looking for the optimal implementation or design as function of the final application. Today additive manufacturing is considered as one of the novel trends in producing complex and functional parts, but to reach industrial productivity and produce large parts, the combination of conventional techniques and additive ones leads to even more optimal results.

Hence the main aspects of these innovative manufacturing technologies are developed, improved and well controlled by multi-disciplinary teams active in many different fields of joining technologies like traditional, laser and electron beam welding, friction stir joining, riveting and gluing. We like to call it Advanced Manufacturing. Eco-design is more and more integrated thanks to our Circular Economy approach.

In addition their skills to evaluate the result in non-destructive and traditional ways supports their innovative customer oriented vision. CRM Group possesses extensive characterization techniques as well in a non-destructive way (tomography, metrology, residual stresses,…) as through mechanical properties testing (tensile and compression from room temperature to 900°C, fatigue testing, hardness,…), microstructural characterization and finally in-use properties. Making it possible to find the right material-technology combination for the required application.

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