Mastering Cooling


At the heart of our extensive experience in metal processing is the development of innovative cooling practices. Heat transfer measurements, calculations and modelling have helped to implement new cooling technologies and boost their performance. These activities are clearly part of our core business and in line with our holistic approach on linking product to process and application.

Our laboratory pilot installations help to characterize the impact of cooling rate on the metal properties, including the combination with lubrication technology. Once the principle is proven, prototype equipment is built to perform full scale characterization and implemented for product and work roll cooling. Combined metallurgical and cooling models allow to aim for the production of products with the required properties and quality according to the first time right principle.

From these projects and developments several products have been brought to the market like Stripcam, High Turbulence Roll Cooling, Twice and Howaq or even trademarked like Tempcore® and Mulpic®. The implementation of digitalization aspects as well on our pilot lines as on industrial lines is fully compliant with our perspective to make a digital twin of each process that we master within our Digitalisation platform.

Cooling performance sensor
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