High Added Value Metals


Without lab development no breakthrough concepts for new types of advanced metal alloys would have been possible. Testing at all levels of the scale is required to find the optimal process windows and opportunities for industrialization of new metal alloys.

Today we drive the cars we drive, we build the bridges we travel, we live in tall buildings constructed by ever higher cranes thanks to modern metal alloy development. Future challenges are oriented towards the electrification of our society and renewable energy requiring metal alloys that can provide the best properties (high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, hydrogen compatible) in even more stringent conditions, all this within a context of limited resources.

In contrast to what we could have imagined 20 years ago metals are at the heart of all recent developments in Energy Shift thanks to their use in batteries, fuel cells and electrolysis. They are crucial for the new upcoming mobility and sustainable energy solutions. At the end of life they should be valorized at the maximum of their potential value in use, by integrating in their development and design the required Circular Economy reflections. And last but not least, in stead of performing a lot of sequential research the transformation of data acquired during their development is being used for the creation of both physical based models and digital twins within the Digitalization approach.

Metal Process Technologies 🎬
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