Bright Solutions


Coatings can be taken a lot further than perceived by many end users. Advanced properties of coatings and ultra-thin films can change the behaviour of products drastically. Through home made liquid coating formulation CRM Group has developed a wide range of multi-functional coatings. Coatings that come with benefits for both the industrial partner and the end user. Two nice examples of recent innovations are sol gel formulations for photovoltaic and OLED applications on metal substrate proving the philosophical theory that 1 and 1 is sometimes more than 2. Smart products that were developed in the frame of our Digitalisation platform.

The OLED coatings allow to create low energy illumination for safety solutions, signalling and limited lighting for visibility or promotion purposes. The application technologies are based on optimised printed electronics solutions that existed, but the added value lies in the control of the application of different relevant layers on the metal substrate to make it work. Coatings can be used to insulate as well as they can also serve to favour connectivity. The connection between the illuminating LED strips is ensured by such solutions. All of them flexible as they can be applied in roll-to-roll conditions and deformed afterwards without loosing their functionality.

Structural 3D Electronics for Lighting application


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