Aesthetic Coating through digitalisation


Coatings can be taken a lot further than perceived by many end users. Advanced properties of coatings and ultra-thin films can change the behaviour of products drastically. Through home made liquid coating formulation CRM Group has developed a wide range of multi-functional coatings. Coatings that come with benefits for both the industrial partner and the end user. Some nice examples are given here with different coating and printing technologies. They can either completely change the appearance of the substrate or integrate colour and information (QR code) at the same time.

In addition to mastering the application techniques, whether it being spray, dip or roll coating or as in this case direct digital printing on metal substrate the general idea is that the coating can be tailored to the requirements of the (final) customer or to the requested functionalities. On other demonstrators they serve even Energy Shift purposes by adding specific interface properties to the substrate. And the coatings have helped to develop smart lighting solutions in line with Digitalisation trends. The idea of integration of information onto the substrate within the coating implements the concept of Digitalisation of the product without adding additional elements that those already present like the organic coating.

Next to application of many different types of organic coatings or polymeric materials, all applied products can be characterized in order to help in the selection of the best products or to understand specific behaviour and/or failure under various solicitations. CRM Group has a great expertise in the development and analysis of organic materials and a large range of equipment allows a full screening of properties.

Organic Coating Development & Characterizations
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