Advanced Manufacturing


Metal Additive Manufacturing is defined as the process of joining metals to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies. To reach the industrial productivity and to produce large parts, the combination of conventional techniques and additive ones leads to Advanced Manufacturing.

Our Advanced Manufacturing platform combines unique size tools and has opened our horizon to other metals than steel. The topics here are almost exclusively driven by industrial needs along the whole value chain of this new approach towards metallic materials. Obviously it starts with a different type of design, however often still limited by the available materials. So CRM currently focusses on the development of specific materials that are more optimised for the applied technologies. The available techniques are all in the field of direct metal deposition whether for repairing or constructing parts. The actual trend versus hybridisation is covered by additional techniques available either on the tools themselves or other installations at hand literally under the same roof. The possibility to perform post-treatment or additional coating on complex 3D parts has proven its high added value. Combined with the in-house capacity to characterise the materials or perform dedicated in-use testing and options to check the recycling of used materials this closes the full design cycle in line with our Circular Economy approach.



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