Additive Laser Cladding


Metal Additive Manufacturing is defined as the process of joining metals to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies. To reach the industrial productivity and to produce large parts, the combination of conventional techniques and additive ones leads to Advanced Manufacturing. It has taken an exponential boost in the last decade. Starting with low melting applications was obvious, but as a metal research center we have focused from the start on the more complex metals and large parts for which additive, advanced or hybrid manufacturing can really be an added value. Therefor CRM Group has invested in a unique platform of pilot equipment allowing to manipulate multiple materials and different size parts.

Our Clamax or laser Cladding Manufacturing Exploratory is an LMD equipment which allows to perform manufacturing and repair with many different materials and local surface treatments. Its reduced size allows a high flexibility for tuning the deposition parameters of single and multi-materials. The equipment is the excellent witness of our own flexibility and multisector approach to these new technologies, also integrating aspects of recycled material content in line with our Circular Economy approach. New control software, monitoring and sensor tools complete the scope for Digitalisation of new processes.

Laser CLAdding Manufacturing eXploratory – (CLAMAX)


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