Infrared Pyrometry

At CRM Group, a highly qualified personal is trained to perform calibration of infrared pyrometers in their BELAC accredited calibration laboratory. The accuracy performances of the instruments to be calibrated are verified at several temperatures in front of black body furnaces by quantifying their errors and these are reported in a national accreditation certificate.

Our laboratory is equipped with 3 high stable black body furnaces (emissivity better than 0.998), 2 secondary Standard pyrometers, 1 secondary Standard Platinium resistance thermometer and 1 Standard high accuracy voltmeter. This high performance equipment allows us to cover an unique scope from 50°C to 1600°C.

All brands and all models of infrared pyrometers can be calibrated. That includes short and broad wavelength pyrometers, two colors and multiwavelength pyrometers as well as linescanners and thermographic cameras.


Belac 267This logo indicates measurements which are performed under BELAC accreditation