Innovation loop


The Innovation Loop highlights Innovation @CRMGroup all along the value chain of metallic materials.

Inspired on the endless eternal cyclic renewal of life, represented by the Ouroboros, our Innovation Loop witnesses of continuity and renewal, of the past and the future. At CRM Group, we draw on our past and our skills in the steel industry to develop and renew our areas of expertise and our technologies in order to meet societal challenges and the changing needs of our customers to create a better future.

It is the result of a collaborative work, illustrating the entire value chain of metallic materials through development, transformation, implementation and application of solutions, all of which also linked to our thematic platforms: Energy shift, Circular economy, Digitalization, Advanced Manufacturing and Construction.

Creativity, our capacity to simulate, our experience to define industrial processes or solutions and our innovation DNA are at the heart of our activities and our organization!

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