Study of metallurgical by-products agglomeration for valorisation in iron-making process

CRM Sart-Tilman
Speciality field
Chemistry, materials engineering, mechanics

Group offers R&D and technology solutions to its numerous industrial members, focusing on process & product developments and their applications from an innovation and value creation perspective. The CRM Group activities and expertise deal with the whole value chain of metals and associated materials, including the recycling of byproducts and end-of-life products.


In the metallurgical sector, the recycling of co-products (dust, sludge...) requires a shaping operation (mainly by means of a briquetting or agglomeration operation) before being introduced into melting furnaces.
The shaping of fine materials makes it possible to:

  • make them easier to be stored, handled and transported;
  • maximize their recovery rates;
  • minimize the environmental impacts associated with their re-introduction into the atmosphere.

Scrap can agglomerate under pressure and interlocking effect. For powdered materials, binders are required to maintain the shape of the agglomerates. The mechanical strength of the agglomerates is often ensured by the addition of an organic or mineral binder. The nature of the binder and its good dispersion are key-parameters for a successful agglomeration.
For the CarSiFer project, the CRM Group would like to offer an internship/master thesis on this topic within the team of researchers and technicians in the "Recycling and Valorisation" department.
Some disbursement is possible but will depend on the student’s situation.

The CarSiFer project aims to recycle some local flow of iron, silicon, carbon or some other high value metals to siderurgy process. The student will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Appropriation of the research subject,
  • Literature overview,
  • Production of agglomerates (pellets/briquettes) according to different recipes,
  • Heat treatment of these agglomerates in direct reduction furnaces,
  • Characterization of the agglomerates to evaluate their mechanical strength to understand the parameters
  • Contribution to the optimization of the process

About the candiidate
Student in chemistry, materials engineering, mechanics, or related
Languages: English or French

Location of the internship
CRM Group, Liège, Belgium