Fire tests on elements designed for construction applications

CRM Group specialised team combines skills and equipment to fully evaluate the fire safety characteristics of construction elements. Such evaluation is mandatory to comply with European construction standards and CE marking (EN13501: fire classification of construction products and building elements).

Fire safety engineering in construction requires the combined appraisal of reaction to fire and fire resistance:

  • Reaction to fire (behaviour under fire conditions) is the response of a product to a fire to which it is exposed, contributing by its own decomposition to the evolution of the fire. Such analysis implies chemical and energetic aspects. Four tests are available at CRM group to assess the reaction to fire of a product:
    • Small flame test
    • Single Burning Item test
    • Bomb calorimeter test
    • Non-combustibility test
  • Fire resistance is the ability of an element to fulfil, for a given time, the required stability, fire integrity and/or thermal insulation and/or other expected duty. This analysis focusses on structural aspects. It defines the behaviour of a system in a post flash-over scenario.

Small flame test (EN 11925-2)

Single Burning Item test (EN 13823)

Bomb calorimeter test (EN ISO 1716)

Non-combustibility test

Fire resistance tests