Success for CRM Group in the M-Eranet program


The INCOMARC project aims to develop new materials for Electrical Contacts (EC), i.e., the current carrying part of the contactor. The requirements for EC materials are: low resistivity; resistance to electric arc erosion; resistance to corrosion, to prevent formation of insulating oxides. State of the art materials contains potential hazardous materials, which use is restricted, as in the case of Ag/CdO.

The project will focus on new materials for EC, and on innovative deposition technologies. Metal Matrix Composites, constituted by hard ceramic phases dispersed in a conductive matrix, will be investigated. Constituent phases will be selected by an accurate material design; the use of nanoparticles will be considered. EC materials will be deposited by Cold Gas Spray and Laser Cladding, which allow to process materials not obtainable by more conventional techniques.

The developed innovative coatings and the know-how obtained in the project can address to a wide range of applications.