John Cockerill and CRM are teaming up in thermal conversion


In the field of thermal conversion, John Cockerill-Environment is actively promoting several technologies, including "The Nesa Solution®", which notably covers the following industrial fields: processing of waste and by-products (sludges, electronic scraps, plastics, etc), calcination and roasting applications (industrial minerals, etc) and carbon processing (torrefaction of biomass, carbonisation, activation and re-activation of carbon).

John Cockerill-Environment used to own and operate a dedicated pilot facility in Mont-Saint-Guibert, where these processes could be developed, confirmed and fine-tuned to the requests of its customers.  Recently, John Cockerill decided to move this unique and long-lasting pilot facility to CRM-ETP in Liège.  The objective was to revamp and modernise the equipment (adding notably new control systems and new gas processing units) while integrating it to the general infrastructure of the CRM group, which offers many features such as the supply of steam and industrial gases, various solid processing units and characterisation labs, gas sampling and analysis devices, etc.

Jean-Luc Maurange (CEO John Cockerill group) and Joao Felix Da Silva (Executive President John Cockerill Industry) were pleased with the quality of the new pilot facility and with the environment at CRM-ETP.

John Cockerill