CO2 mitigation in the EU steel industry


On the 5th and 6th of February, a coordination meeting of the “LowCarbonFuture” project was held in CRM Liège.

This project is funded by the EU RFCS programme and is backed by ESTEP (the European Steel Technology Platform) and by EUROFER (the European Steel Association).

LowCarbonFuture has the objective to collect, summarize, evaluate and promote research projects and knowledge dealing with CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking.  As final result, partners will generate a roadmap stating research needs, requirements, boundary conditions and timeline to implement CO2-lean breakthrough technologies in the EU steel industry and to comply with the stringent EU emission reduction objectives.

The project partners are: VDEh- BFI (GER), CRM Group (BEL), RINA-CSM (IT), K1-MET (AUS) and SWERIM (SWE).

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This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Union