FEA of cold forming processes

Master degree in Engineering
Speciality field
Aerospace/mechanical/material/civil engineering

Background :

The usage percentage of the advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) sheets is remarkably increasing in the last years since AHSSs lead to enhance the performance of the designed solutions in combination with the weight reduction.
Today, as the automotive industry started some decades ago, also the construction market is producing lighter and more cost-efficient structures.
Structures are designed to maximize as much as possible the use of the material properties and design capabilities. So the demand for accurate predictions in the design phase regarding material behaviour has greatly increased including the analysis of damage and material failure aspects.
In addition, the importance of taking into account the manufacturing chain has became straightforward since each manufacturing process step has more or less effects on the material properties or behaviour of the product and thus may influence the following steps leading to the final product.
This results to an increasing interest in effectively closing the gap between forming and in use performance analysis.

Key objectives :

The goal of this thesis/internship is to be able to consider the effects of manufacturing process in steel construction applications and to use them to better predict the performance of design under in use load conditions.

Main tasks :

  • Bibliographic survey.
  • Definition of manufacturing process/es to be investigated, mainly cold forming technics.
  • Development of a FE model able to reproduce the manufacturing process.
  • Set up a test campaign for the FE model validation.
  • Estimation of FE results improvement.
  • Reports and presentations describing the work and the conclusions.

Candidate requirements :

  • Background in studies of aerospace/mechanical/material/civil engineering.
  • Knowledge of FEM program (LS-Dyna, Abaqus) will be preferred.
  • Knowledge of 3D CAD design software (Solidworks) will be preferred.
  • Fluent in English, both speaking and writing.
  • Independent and results oriented working style.
  • Team spirit and open minded personality.

Working period : The internship contract is for a 6 months period.